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      earnest money造句

      "earnest money"是什么意思  


      • Some still can ask to make loan earnest money
      • Two kinds of series of products are all sold , earnest money is 250 , 000 yuan
      • 55 billion earnest money
      • C . pay the earnest money , sign the sole agency agreement , issue sole agent s certificate
      • But you need to look for an officeholder to make security , perhaps intend corresponding earnest money
      • We will send you the list of the group members names and dates for the tickets , and earnest money this afternoon
      • As to the consignation date of your order next time , we ' ll send out your demand 50 days after your earnest money arrives
      • The direct trading expense of futures contract trading includes the earnest money , every kinds of trading service charges and so on
      • 10 . the agreement after the specified date , and no longer renew a contract without the noncompliance , return the earnest money free
      • Rs . 8000 / - call deposit in favour of secretary , workers welfare fund must accompany by the tender . tender without earnest money will not be entertained and will be rejected
      • It's difficult to see earnest money in a sentence. 用earnest money造句挺难的
      • Sell the insulating ladder , hoist or lower the series of the platform insulatingly , earnest money money is 150 , 000 yuan ; sell the series of insulating scaffold , earnest money is 150 , 000 yuan
      • The earnest money is an ensuring mechanism . it derived from concrete and personified contract and used for credit ensure and risk control or used for the lose corn - pension . when to make system adjustment for earnest money
      • Pay fees : after we sign ( signing ) an agreement , the clients should pay the earnest money ( deposit ) in five days , after the people we recommend work in our clients ' company , the clients should pay the rest of the fees
      • Pay fees : after we sign ( signing ) an agreement , the clients should pay the earnest money ( deposit ) in five days , after the people we recommend work in our clients ' company , the clients should pay the rest of the fees
      • The paper expounds the concept and performance of the earnest money , analyses the relation ship between the earnest money and its relevant regulations , and discusses in detail the legal suitability of the earnest money in judicial practice on the basis of its classifiable investigation
      • Article 2 the term “ advance sale of commercial houses ” as mentioned in the present measures refers to the act that the real estate development enterprises ( hereinafter referred to as the redes ) sell the houses under construction to purchasers and the purchasers pay the earnest money or the prices of houses
      • We should pay attention to adjusting the relative trading expense of earnest money , restraining transitional speculating behavior , preventing large customer control futures market , inspiring middle and small customer to trade , avoiding the interest distribution violating the rule of justice , the service charge of futures trading is the ex - pense that is handed in by the two sides of trading to the futures exchange house or the manage company , after the complishment of the futures contract , namely , the expense which is used for buyi
      • In accordance with related stipulations of the methods and detailed rules , tax authorities at all levels should , in light of concrete conditions , conduct conscientious liquidation of the original invoice management system , abolish and revise what should be done so , and re - establish a system where it should be done so , thereby establishing and improving various management systems related to the printing , the production cost and management fees of invoices , the earnest money of invoices , and the various management systems related to the purchase , use and preservation of invoices , so as to form a comprehensive legal system for invoice management , so that there will be rules to go by in every link related to invoice management
      • Have certain effect , had appeared before a few years the thing of earnest money of stockjobber divert client , executed silver - colored card to basically put an end to this kind of phenomenon apart now of course , but of the hardware establishment of stockjobber not perfect may trade daily to yours bring inconvenience , the business ministry that suggests you go to company of a few brands goes seeking advice from investor , understand the credit of this stockjobber through them , service , and trade quick
      • Therefore , should through the establishment strict mining area environment admittance mechanism , the strict mining right licensing system , establish the mining area environment to restore the government earnest money system , the perfect mining area environment legislates and is clear about the administrative law enforcement main body , strengthens the market in environmental protection function , strengthens the administrative guidance and the regulative mechanism , after takes to shut the ore correlation systems and so on environmental protection to resolve the mine environment question prominent contradiction
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