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      一一 each
      一一告别 say good-bye to everyone
      一一如命 act according to sb.'s wish
      一一对应 one to one correspondence
      一一就座 seat themselves one after an...
      一一核对事实 check facts one by one
      一一申辩 justify oneself point by poi...
      一丁点儿 a wee bit
      一万一 eleven thousand
      一下 one time
      一下子就把那块木头砍断成了两半 chop the block of wood in tw...
      一不可再 Once is forgivable,twice is ...
      一专多能 good at many things and expe...
      一世之雄 a hero of the age
      一丘之貉 be tarred with the same brus...
      一丛翠竹 a splendid bright green bamb...
      一丛葱郁茂盛的草木 a clump of luxuriant verdure
      一丝一毫 a tiny bit
      一丝不差 not a bit of difference
      一丝不挂 in nature's garb
      一丝不苟 most conscientiously
      一丝不错 all correct
      一丝亮光 a thread of light
      一丝愁云 feeling of sadness
      一丝春意 a touch of spring
      一丝笑容 A smile lit up one's face.
      一丝笑意 a faint smile
      一丝风也没有 There isn't a breath of air.
      一丢就忘 out of sight,out of mind.
      一个 one
      一个一个往上叠 pile one above another fold
      一个不合理的要求 an unreasonable demand
      一个与真实生活极为近似的情况 a situation that closely app...
      一个丑女人可以将美丽的姑娘反衬得更加漂亮 An ugly woman serves as a fo...
      一个两门功课都获得第一的优等生 a very fine student who took...
      一个中国政策 one-China policy
      一个人不应该借口缺乏经验来为其错误辩解 One should not plead inexper...
      一个人不应该妨碍他人进步 One shouldn't impede other's...
      一个人包揽不了这么多事 No one person can take on so...
      一个人最好在年轻时就能看到生活的各个方面 One had better see life in i...
      一个人的精力有限 There is a limit to a man's ...
      一个人脱离社会就不能生活下去 One cannot live cut off from...
      一个令人捧腹大笑的喜剧 an uproarious comedy
      一个令人捧腹大笑的戏 a perfectly killy play
      一个令人讨厌的小个子 an annoying small fellow
      一个企业家应具有开阔的视野 An enterpriser should have t...
      一个光脉冲 a pulse of light
      一个关节脱臼了 A joint has started.
      中草药学 Chinese herbology
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