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      a quo中文是什么意思

      用"a quo"造句"a quo"怎么读"a quo" in a sentence


      • 〔拉丁语〕从此。


      • 24 and we do construct this concept of society , which is built up from that of the potentially autonomous individual , as the terminus a quo and the terminus ad quem of the individual ' s very life and fate
      • In the second part , the author defined the proper plaintiff and burden of producing evidence thereof by deferent means . in the third part , the author examined the damages and the method of computation therein from the status quo of scholarship . in the last part , this article thought that the limitation of actions should be accounted from dies a quo when the decision on punishment of securities supervision commission is published by the company in punishment or by the commission itself
        关于计算方法,本人认为应以均价法为宜,即证券买入或卖出价格与上市公司对其虚假陈述进行更正之后的10天或从揭露日至该流通股换手率达到100 %之日止的这段时间期限内的平均交易价格之间的差额进行计算,如果原告在上述期限内卖出股票,则按证券卖出的实际价格计算,否则按平均收盘价格计算。
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